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The 906 Hunting Company started as a dream. When I was a little kid I would watch hunting and fishing shows and would see people like Mark Martin, Babe Winkelman, and Jim Shockey. I wanted to be like them, but I thought that it would never be possible. During High school, you are always faced with the looming question of what you are going to do upon graduation. In January of 2013, my father  was injured in a traffic accident from which he has since recovered. Sitting in the waiting room of the hospital gave me lots of time to think. Why not give it a shot and pursue my dream? I started the Facebook page. I built upon the idea with an online entrepreneurial business planning class that I was taking that semester. After much hard work, it has turned into a business and is continuing to grow! Be sure to "Like" The 906 Hunting Company on Facebook, watch our videos on Youtube, and continue to follow us in the future! 

Tight Lines and Shoot Straight -Tanner Flatt


  • North of the Bridge, and just South of Heaven, our headquarters store now based 45 minutes West of the Bridge in Naubinway, Michigan. When passing through town, don't blink! You just may miss it! 
  • Founded in January 2013
  • Be sure to check out the guys and girls of The 906 Hunting Company on the Prostaff page!

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