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Our Story

The 906 Hunting Company.

Part of a dream, and part of your life.

When most children are little they want to be fireman, police officers, cowboys and cowgirls. Not me. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be in the outdoor industry, making TV Shows and creating/testing some of the greatest outdoor products that men and women have ever laid their hands upon.

Currently, we are on the course to do just that. When fate decided to step in it was no longer a thought, but an action. Upon completing a business plan as part of a high school project, I decided to go for it. Start a business and begin my path.

The first major project that created our breakthrough was the sale of “Support Healthy Racks. Hunt for a Cure.” T-Shirts in the fall of 2013. After selling our 153 T-Shirts in a month, and donating $1,100 we became a visible brand. The demand for our apparel grew, and so did the business.

We began to expand on our selection of T-Shirts, and stored them in the basement of my parents’ house, mainly selling at local craft and Christmas shows. When too many people were stopping by the house to buy shirts, my parents said enough was enough. The 906 Hunting Co. had grown too large for the house, and it was time to put up an office.

We constructed two offices in my dad’s welding shop, and relocated all of our apparel and supplies. It didn’t take long and people started to come. When I left for Michigan Tech in the Fall of 2014, my dad was constantly being asked to go look at the shirts with those interested in buying. Anyone who has ever worked with welding and machining knows that it is no clean occupation, and doesn’t mix well with the apparel industry.

In the spring of 2015, we decided that another move was needed. There was an opening in the Rourke Complex in Naubinway, and we jumped at such an opportunity. Making many trips back home to help move in, as well as talk with other Upper Peninsula businesses about carrying their products it was a very busy time. Within a few weeks we realized that the location was simply too small.

The building where we are currently located came up for sale, and the business decision was made. After approximately two months of renovations, we were ready to be open for business. On June 13th, 2015 we opened and have been steadily growing. In August of 2015 we began to screen-print our own apparel, and have since been doing so in house.

As time goes on we are continuing to follow the path that fate has laid down for us, and keep it our mission to provide the best for our customers.

Thank you for your business.
-Tanner Flatt (Owner)

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